Rafaella Studart
Product Designer

Casino Marketing & Technology Conference App


CMTC 2018 App


The Casino Marketing & Technology Conference aims to immerse its attendees in all aspects of gaming promotions and marketing initiatives, including the latest technical innovations and advances that support casino marketing goals.



Since its inception in 2003, CMTC had been utilizing its website, as well as its paper schedule and map as its participants’ primary source of conference-related information.


JOINGO was tasked with creating an app, using JOINGO’s platform, that would enable CMTC attendees, exhibitors, and speakers alike to make the most out of their event experience.


The app needed to provide the same information to all registrant types, while also allowing users to register on the app as either an attendee, an exhibitor, or a speaker.



The first version of the CMTC app was launched in 2017 and included the following features:

  • An agenda page with the conference schedule

  • An account page, which included guest information and the “My Network” feature

  • A networking page where users could scan other guests’ badges to store their contact information

  • A floor plan page that included geofencing technology to allow users to see where they were located inside the conference grounds

  • A favorites feature that allowed users to favorite items in the schedule and see them on the “favorites” page

  • Push notifications with alerts for favorited schedule items


In the 2018 version, we added a game that qualified users to enter a conference raffle.
The game required users to go to different booths and use their QR scan feature to get digital stamps.



In order to take advantage of JOINGO’s console features, the CMTC app needed to be built using the legacy framework that was being utilized for building property apps. Due to this constraint, there were limitations to how the product could be designed and implemented:

  • The top and bottom navigations could only be designed within their containers

  • Buttons and other elements could not be rounded

  • Elements on the app could not be animated

  • Transitions were limited to console presets