Rafaella Studart
Product Designer



Olá! My name is Rafaella. I’m a jack of all trades in all things creative with a background in visual design and a passion for user-centric product strategy.


HostIQ App

The HostIQ app allows casino hosts to manage their players list and fulfill the requests of their VIP guests.


CMTC 2018 App

The Casino Marketing & Technology Conference has been immersing its attendees in all aspects of gaming promotions and marketing initiatives since 2003. JOINGO was tasked with creating its first native app.


Bfriendly Social App

Bfriendly is a friendship-focused social app that allows users to find people of similar backgrounds, ideologies, interests, and personalities in the hopes of helping them build long-lasting friendships.


Nsurely App

Nsurely is hassle-free app that allows users to quickly sign up for a dental or vision plan that fits their needs.